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CATALOGO%20TAN%20COMPANY%202011%20LOW.pdf%20(pagina%202%20di%20108) The Tan Company Italy S.r.l. is a shoes accessories company on the market since 1902, boasting a tradition in the business for three generations. In recent years, the brothers Pasquale and Sergio Totaro, thanks to the inherited experience, have been able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of national and international customers. The wide range of products in stock and a proven organizational efficiency, allow us to make quick and punctual deliveries. The target is directly followed by an extensive network of agents covering the whole World, offering a wide and diverse range of ltalian and foreign products. The main warehouse, located in Naples, covers an area of 2000 square meters. with a range of more than 5000 items always available. We also have, for the most demanding customers, a showroom where you can always see the complete range of products. Currently our products are exported to about 40 countries, and to support the distribution, we make use of warehouses and storage facilities to provide better service. Our highly skilled staff is able to solve various problems in all circumstances. "There are situations where punctuality is absolutely necessary and, therefore, our shipping department, upon specific request, adopti a fast delivery service within 48 hours." It is a service designed specifically for urgent deliveries.