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Glue Adhesives Glue Containers Brushes Oil Silicon Gloves Refill Sea Sponge Elastic Bands Markers Printing Tapes Adhesive Tape Teflon 


Compasses Sharpener Scissors Shears Hammer Pliers Puller Nippers Puncher PliersHandle Needle Triangular Files Blades Cutters Knives


Profilometer  Ruler  Thikness Gauges  Staplers  Staples  Cutter  Blades  Needles  Cutting mat  Machine Needles  Skiving Cup Blade  Sharpening tool  Threads  Chemicals  Bristle Brushes  Zip Fasteners


Rubber Soles Rubber Heels Wooden Stakes Heels Pins Shanks Leather Soles Cork Rubber Sheets Leather

metal parts

Buttons casing Dots Eyelets Sailing Eyelets Rivets Locks Buckles


Industrial brushes Polishing Wheels Heels wheels Abrasives Rubber wheels Nails Irons Punches Press inserts Presses Eyelet machines Finishing machines Cutting press Skiving machines Workstands Shoe-stretching machines

components tools accessories rubber metal parts machines

The TAN Group leads the field of manufacturing and distribution of professional tools and accessories for shoe factories and leather industries. Our brand guarantees high-class and reliable products.

Strumenti da Ciabattino

Made in Italy: TAN feels the need to realize all the made in Italy tools and components with the maximum precision. The "Made in Italy" brand is considered warranty of precision and quality all over the world and we, proud of all this, desire to continue this tradition.


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